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User safety and anonymity
How Finmap ensures the privacy of your data and secures control over all bank accounts and financial services
Finmap connects to 2,000+ banks and financial services worldwide
Each bank has its own procedure for processing integration requests. Also, sometimes automatic integration may take some time. What can be done if the account doesn't connect immediately? Find the solution in the manual.
Secure infrastructure
What's important to our users?
Storing data safely and securely
Preventing anyone from intercepting information
Ensuring uninterrupted access to data
How do we secure your data?
All data is stored in several data centers in Europe*
Every data center where we rent equipment has ISO 27001
We use 256-bit SSL encryption
It keeps your data safe and ensures smooth and fast operation even if one of the servers experiences a failure
This is the international standard for information security. It stands for client confidentiality, as well as the constant checking and improvement of information storage and protection methods
This is the most advanced, up-to-date security standard, preferred by international corporations and banks. It uses encrypted communication channels and SSL, a cryptographic protocol for more secure communication. This is the same method banks use when transferring your bank card data
* The servers are owned by some of the largest and most reliable cloud storage providers in the world. For security reasons, provider information remains confidential.
Secure data storage
The service works online in the cloud
Data cannot be copied
Data cannot be physically removed
Can crash and causing you to lose all your data
Why is a cloud service more reliable than a local drive?
Your work computer/laptop (hard drive)
Cloud service
Data cannot be deleted or infected by a virus without a trace
It is possible to access the data physically: copy it to a USB flash drive, pull it out over a local network, or infect it with a virus
Data can be deleted without being able to be recovered
Can't break down
No physical access, no one can steal data
Data is stored in several places and can be restored even after deletion
On top of that, accessing cloud storage is always much more complicated than accessing the data on your devices. Storage always has a specific authentication step by which we ensure privacy.
Legal Security
What company information do you need to enter in Finmap?
No official data needs to be entered into Finmap
Enter any company name you choose
You do not need any registration details, documents, founders or team identification
Name your clients, investors, creditors and counterparties however you like
We don't need your clients' contact details either
Only financial data should be entered into Finmap, because the service exists to record financial data.
Finmap is an international company and is under British jurisdiction.
We operate under British law. Our users' data is legally protected from seizure by government agencies.
No access to your company data
From the inside, Finmap developers work only with the test base and have no access to user data.
Only a certain set of server IP addresses can connect to the base. This means it is also impossible to connect to it from the outside.
Each company's data is stored fully only in the data center, encrypted and accessible only to the Finmap user who entered it.
Most of our resources cannot be accessed at all from the Internet, which also prevents access to the databases from the outside.
How else do we protect your data from inside and outside access?
❤️ The Finmap team has done everything possible to keep your data private, safe and secure. We continue to work on improving data protection and service for your convenience.
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