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BUNDLE from Finmap
Automate your business cash flow management and put your finances in order systematically
Benefit 20%
Till 6 June 2022
Save up to 1,950 zł for business development
Yearly access to the service + Establishment of сash flow management
Finmap for 12 months + Financial expert's work for 1 month to develop and systematize the cash flow management of your business
Benefit: 1,950 zł
Regular price: 9,740 zł
Till June 6: 7,792 zł
Yearly access to the service + Expert Consultation
Finmap for 12 months + 2-hour online consultation from our financial expert
Benefit: 756 zł
Regular price: 3,780 zł
Till June 6: 3,020 zł
Get a consultation about a special offer
Get a consultation about a special offer
Need help selecting the Bundle that will be most suitable for your business?
Send the request and our managers will give you a consultation and help you find a solution.
An online service with which you will get rid of the chaos in your finances and get more profit from your business.
What is Finmap?
4.5+ mln
Transactions processed by Finmap
Countries where businesses manage their cash flows with Finmap
Customers recommend us to colleagues and partners
Integration with PayPal, Wise, Revolut, Western Bid, Hubstuff, Fondy and 2000+ other
Visual analytics, graphics and reports
Live customer care 24/7
First 14 days for free
We know current requests
from businesses from the inside
Finmap founders have combined their experience and expertise to develop a modern financial culture and help entrepreneurs develop their businesses in new ways.
Oleksandr Solovei
Serial entrepreneur, speaker of Unit School of Business, LABA, Startup Ukraine
Business models, strategy,
team building
Ivan Kaunov
IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of BusinessLab and Pix.backpack
Cash flow management, business processes, financial models
Dmytro Dubilet
Co-founder of monobank, Smartass, Checkbox
Mass IT products, marketing, strategy
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